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My mission and my passion is to help people make small, everyday changes to improve their health and their environment. I help guide you to non-toxic products: everything from skin care, cleaning products, furniture, baby items, cooking items, bedding and water and air purifiers. I help you detox your home and your life and in turn, help the environment too.
I am a non-toxic educator and work with naturopaths, nutrition experts, aromatherapists and other leaders in their fields to help you become Happy, Healthy and Non-Toxic!

When I was a small child, I suffered from debilitating eczema.  My hands, feet and elbows would turn fire red, burn, itch, peel, crack open and bleed.  I had days where I was unable to walk because my feet were so bad.  I also suffered from extreme skin sensitivity.  I would break out in rashes, hives, dry patches, and even suffered burning while I urinated.  I spent my childhood visiting dermatologists and doctors.  I tried every medictaion ever created for eczema or rashes.  Nothing worked.  My mom finally started pairing down the products we used.  It helped, yet I still suffered regualr flare ups, rashes, and sensitivty.

As a teenager also suffering from IBS, I realized limiting my dairy intake not only helped my IBS but also reduced my eczema.  However, I was still suffering regular flare ups, even if they were not as debilitating.

As an adult, I was still visting a dermatologist on a monthly basis for rashes, hives, or my eczema.  

Over 4 years ago, my cousin Lyndsi started to talk to me about Non-Toxic products.  She gave me some Ava Anderson Non-toxic diaper cream.  It was amazingly soothing on my rashes and eczema.  It worked better than any prescription I had tried.  And I recognized every single ingredient in the product. At that point, I had been shopping at health food stores and buying products I assumed were safe. Lyndsi explained that just because a product claims to be organic or natural doesn't mean it is safe.  

I started researching like mad.  I read hundreds of articles on toxic chemcials, bought 10 books on amazon, watched videos and more.  I was shocked and saddened by the lack of regualtion, the fact that our government is not protecting us, that cosmetic companies are poisoning us and that we are human guinea pigs.

I started switching out my products slowly.  It took me about 6 months for all of my personal care products (including makeup) and all of my cleaning products to be non-toxic.

The most amazing thing happened:  I have not had a single eczema flare up since and I no longer visit my dermatologist monthly.  I only visit yearly for a mole check.

I also credit my non-toxic lifestyle to being able to get pregnant easily at age 43.

Other amazing things happened; my skin is clearer and brighter, my always present dark circels are way less present.  My hair which has been dry, frizzy, broken, and damaged for decades is now shiny, healthy, and so much less frizzy-even in the 90 degree heat and humidity.  

I have not stopped researching or learning.  I am constantly looking for the safest products. I will bring you my favorites on this blog.  

My work has even lead my husband (a former race car driver and car lover) to start a line of non-toxic car care products. 

I hope you will join me on this journey to happiness, health.  




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