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How “Green” are your products?

Have you heard of GREENWASHING? It is when companies use marketing and advertising to make you believe a product you are using is safe or natural. Just because the words “natural” , “organic”, "botanical” or “herbal” appear on the label, doesn’t mean the product is safe. Don’t be fooled by pictures of nature either. There is no label regulation and companies can market their products any way they choose-even if it is misleading!

This is why it is important to learn how to read ingredient labels. It is too easy to be fooled by clever marketing these days. Check out my list of ingredients to avoid and make sure your green products are really as safe as they claim.

I realize this post may be controversial. I know reps at some companies are told that their products are safe-yet the ingredient lists prove otherwise. Once you know the ingredients to avoid, there really won’t be any questions in your mind who is greenwashing and who is not.

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