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Local Love

I love finding small businesses in my area that share a love for quality, natural products or items that can improve my health. I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. What most people don't realize (if you don't live in Ohio) is that Columbus is pretty big and pretty cool. We are the 15th largest city in the country. Home to The Ohio State University (Go Bucks) and numerous Fortune 500 companies. We are actually a fashion capital thanks to retailers like Abercrombie, Victoria's Secret, Express, Hollister and another company called BBW for short. I don't like to say their name. They are probably one of the largest mall retailers of what I like to call toxic sludge. Their lotions, hand sanitizers and shower gels are probably some of the more toxic on the market and the most sought after by the preteen set which makes it even worse.

In sharp contrast to the big guys (and the toxic guys), Columbus has a great local scene. We have amazing boutiques like Thread, Rowe, Ladybird, Tigertree and more, home stores like Bungalow Home (they also happen to have a killer jewelry section), and some incredible restaurants (too many to name)! I love shopping and eating in the Short North or Grandview or having coffee at Fox in the Snow cafe or a few gluten free goodies at Cherbourg Bakery.

I want to tell you about some of my favorite local shops that don't even require a trip to Columbus or Cbus as it is lovingly called these days. However, I would highly recommend a visit since Columbus is really a great city with a small town, friendly midwest feel.

Rainbow Bee is an all natural body care and herbal shop. It is local but there isn't a shop. You can arrange for local pick up though or your items will be shipped to you. This stuff is the bomb. It is reasonably priced and works great.

I love the eczema cream and the lemon balm tincture helped keep my 2 year old pretty calm on a long flight (bonus that lemon balm is safe for kids and is anti viral). Many of my mom friends swear it helps their little ones sleep. I don't think my youngest would sleep if I knocked her out with a tranquilizer gun (that is a joke) but this stuff is still awesome and calming. Brandy, the owner, is a mom too and is really helpful with recommendations and answering questions. You can check out her fabulous stuff at:

Earthley is an incredible line of hand crafted natural products for the whole family. Their company mission is to make truly natural products that everyone can afford. They don't use any "compromise" ingredients (like chemical-sounding but supposedly safe stuff). Everything in their products, people can recognize easily. They also keep prices as low as possible, because they believe everyone deserves access to clean products.

Earthley recently moved to bigger digs in Gahanna. They can do sales by appointment in their new space or you can order here:

I love one of their top sellers-the goodnight lotion. You rub this on the bottom of your feet or your child's feet to help them sleep. Anyone sensing a theme here? It smells lovely and I do think it helps. It knocks my teenager out too. They have a wide range of products like shampoo bars, detoxifying deodorant and many others. Kate, the owner is incredibly knowledgeable. Her blog is equally incredible:

Boline Apothecary is like a little slice if heaven. I could spend hours in this place. There are so many little bottles and items to check out. Boline offers homeopathy, bulk herbs and spices, herbal remedies and tonics, essential oils, herbalism, flower essences, natural nutrition, locally made soaps and more. They offer classes, workshops and events weekly.

"We use ingredients that are carefully selected using our organic, ethical, pronounceable, and effective ethos. Sustainable, fair trade, local, and non-toxic is how we live and produce. This means that people with sensitivities can use our products. It means no endocrine disruption. And it means tread lightly on our planet."

They have a great Ohio Allergy tincture to help naturally heal your allergies. It exposes you to local pollens so your immune response lessens over time. They also have a lice and nit oil. Have you seen the chemicals other companies use to get rid of lice and nits? This all natural oil gets rid of them in one treatment. One treatment!!!

They have so many cool products that you may want to visit Columbus just to go see them in their cute little green cottage. If you can't make the trip, peruse their website at:

Glenn Avenue Soap was started when Dr. Sandra Metzler realized the dangers of toxic

chemicals in most personal care products. She used her knowledge of chemistry, biology and aromatherapy to create her first soap. She works with her husband and daughter in their gorgeous little shop in the totally cute suburb, Grandview. They are some of the nicest people you will meet.

While they do have a huge variety of amazing soaps, as their name implies, they also have some fabulous body butters and other fab items. They just launched a great line of baby products that I was a tester for. I can't wait to get the final products! Their foaming hand soaps can be found in the bathrooms of all sorts of restaurants and shops around Columbus. You can even by them by the gallon for your home. My favorite product is the Lemongrass and green tea bar soap. It lasts a long time in the shower and feels and smells so good. Check them out at:

Last but not least is Rougaroo. Rougaroo is a line of non-toxic car care products. They are safe for people, the environment and your car. Born out of my husbands (yes, this is my husbands company and some shameless self promotion) love for all things cars, he created this line so he could feel good about washing his car. He wanted the products to work better than anything currently on the market but he wanted them to be safe too.

The line currently has 5 products with more in the works. All of which can be used for other things in and around your home, on your boat, RV, or motorcycle. I use the glass cleaner on glass and wood and on my shower doors. The dash and surface cleaner works great on my kitchen counter tops. Rougaroo can be found at many local retailers like whole foods, hardware stores and at high end detailing shops like Performance Auto Spa. But you can also get it on amazon or from the website at:

Do you have local shops you love? I would love to highlight other cities favorites in the future. Message me some suggestions. For now, happy shopping!!

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